SEL 149 Skills for Success in University Study

This course is designed as an introduction to the critical elements needed for success in courses at the University level. The elements are general study skills, motivation and writing skills as well as information literacy. Specific topics include learning and motivation, time management, reading strategies, organizing content, working on group projects, and communication skills. Specific topics within information literacy will include locating, evaluating and using information effectively and ethically. This course assists students in developing skills specific to their chosen area of study.

To register, go to your MyConcordia portal, login and then register using the full course number (for example SEL 149).

** NOTE: This course is offered to all students but it cannot be used for credit in any degree or Faculty certificate program. When registering for this course please register for the section most appropriate for your discipline or status. This course includes an additional mandatory 90 minute per week information literacy lab which will begin on week four of the semester. Students must schedule these labs with their professor within the first three weeks of the course.


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