Mature Students


Mature Students


Concordia University has a long history of making education accessible to men and women of all ages and academic backgrounds.


Are you mature?

Mature student entry requirements:

No matter how mature you may feel, you may not officially be a Mature student in the eyes of the University. At Concordia, to qualify for Mature student status you must meet the following criteria:

  • you must be 21 years or older
  • may have some or all of high school
  • have not completed CEGEP or the equivalent
  • have been out of full-time studies for at least 24 months since age 18
  • and be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident (Landed Immigrant).

Through mature entry, those lacking the regular pre-university requirements can still earn university degrees and certificates.

Concordia also offers a Senior Non-Credit Program that allows people 55 years of age and over to participate in courses on a non-credit basis.


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